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Best Yellow & Green Stemmed Clumping Bamboos 15 Litre pots
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Best Yellow & Green Stemmed Clumping Bamboos 15 Litre pots

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Phyllostachys vivax 'Aureocaulis' The Best yellow-gold caned bamboo in our opinion.

It has green random stripes down the golden yellow canes. Is tidy and upright with the foliage higher up the plant so showing the thick canes off to good effect.

A very good bamboo to block out the neighbours above the fence line!

This variety puts all its energy in only a few stems per year so the stems it produces are very strong and tall. 

Very Hardy, to at least -20oC when planted in the soil.

Soil: Acid, Alkaline or Neutral. Moist but well-drained or well-drained.
If you wish to grow it in a container, a minimum of a half-barrel size will be needed.
Water and feed well during the summer months. 
Aspect: West or South facing. Sheltered.

Suggested Plant Uses: Hedging / Screens, Architectural, Japanese gardens, Exotic foliage affect.  

Pruning: It can be pruned to your desired height at the end of July when the new stems have sprouted and uncurled it's new leaves. Prune just above a leaf-joint. 
Easily reaches 5-6 metres tall with no pruning.
Supplied: 1 x 15 Litre growers black pot with 2-3 stems 180-270cm tall plants.
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