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Clumping Panda Bamboo Fargesia Wolong

Clumping Panda Bamboo Fargesia Wolong

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Fargesia robusta Wolong. Woolong Bamboo.

We are excited to be able to offer this rare bamboo grown at our nursery in the New Forest for 5 years, Wolong has the largest leaves of all the Fargesia bamboos. Wolong is a large growing clumping hardy bamboo, growing to 5-6 metres if planted in the ground with good soil. If grown in a container (short squat is best) it can easily reach 4-5 metres tall. Mature plants will reach 1+m wide at the base of the plant.

Its large leaves make it perfect for an unclipped hedge and creating a lush, private environment. Due to its size its screening capabilities make it perfect for adding privacy and creating a natural boundary.

Fargesia robusta Wolong is a clumping bamboo species native to the mountainous regions of China. Its graceful appearance features bright green stem culms with attractive orange-brown stripes and large drooping foliage.

It prefers moist but well-drained soil (mulch each year), full sun or partial shade, regular watering during dry periods. Once established, Wolong Bamboo will require little maintenance other than occasional pruning for shaping or thinning out.

Supplied: 30 Litre Eco-loop bag pots 180-210cm tall plants. Limited availability.

About our Eco-loop bag pots: These taupe colour pots are made from recycled material, are carbon black free, meaning they can be recycled, and are oxo-biodegradable. It is important to distinguish between oxo-biodegrable, and oxo-degradable, simply put oxo-biodegradable (which these are) will leave no micro-plastics, they fully biodegrade. We would like our customers after planting your plants bought from us to either: Re-use the pots in your garden, Recycle - they can go into your kerbside recycle bin.

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