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Trumpet Vine's Campsis Madame Galen 10 Litre Eco-loop pots
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Trumpet Vine's Campsis Madame Galen 10 Litre Eco-loop pots

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Campsis x taglibuana Madame Galen. 

A vigorous large exotic-looking climber with panicles of salmon-red flowers in late summer. 

Campsis require a position in full sun to ripen growth and produce flowers. They are excellent when trained over tree stumps, walls and roofs of outbuildings.

Campsis are fast-growing deciduous climbers clinging by aerial roots, pinnate leaves and clusters of tubular-funnel-shaped flowers in late summer or early autumn.

If they become too large or tangles, they can be pruned in late winter or early spring.

They prefer a moist, well drained soil.

Aspect: Full sun. South-facing or West-facing, sheltered.

Soil: Moist but well-drained.

Size: 2.5-4 metres in 5 years.

Winter hardy when planted in the ground.

In cultivation since 1889.

Supplied: plants grown in 10 litre Eco-loop bag pots on a 5ft bamboo cane.

About our Eco-loop bag pots: These taupe colour pots are made from recycled material, are carbon black free, meaning they can be recycled, and are oxo-biodegradable. It is important to distinguish between oxo-biodegrable, and oxo-degradable, simply put oxo-biodegradable (which these are) will leave no micro-plastics, they fully biodegrade. We would like our customers after planting your plants bought from us to either: Re-use the pots in your garden, Recycle - they can go into your kerbside recycle bin.

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