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Red Stem Narihira Clumping Bamboo Kimmei

Red Stem Narihira Clumping Bamboo Kimmei

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Kimmei Bamboo. Semiarundinaria yashadake Kimmei Bamboo is a bushy vigorous clump forming bamboo growing to 3 metres eventually if not pruned.

It has green oblong leaves to 25cm on densely packed yellow stems with a green stripe that may be flushed red in a sunny position.

It’s upright habit and dense green foliage makes it a good choice for screening either planted directly into the garden or kept in large containers.

Can be planted in full sun to partial shade.

Will become semi-evergreen if planted in a very windy position. Hardy.

Plant in good well draining fertile soils.

Aspect: West or South facing. Sheltered.

Suggested Plant Uses: Architectural, Hedging / Screening. 

Introduced from Japan in 1925

Pruning: When the colour of the oldest canes fades, prune them out close to ground level and, after drying, you’re left with some free garden canes, also this will show off the coloured stems to best effect. We recommend a hard prune every 3 years after planting.


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