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Chinese Wisteria plants
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Chinese Wisteria plants

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Wisteria sinensis. These are among the most beautiful climbers, lavishly draping themselves with their distinctive long racemes of fragrant deep lilac purple pea-flowers in late spring to early summer, and often producing a few later in the year. The pinnate leaves are also very attractive. 

Wisterias should be planted in full sun, and if soil is chalky, some good loamy soil should be added to it. They are excellent for walls and pergolas and for growing into trees and may even be carefully trained into small standard trees.  An interesting fact is that the stems wind anti-clockwise direction, unlike Japanese Wisteria that wind clockwise.

Pruning: Large, vigorous specimens may require an annual hard pruning in late winter to keep them within bounds, and this can be followed in late summer by a second pruning that consists of shortening the leafy shoots to five or six buds. Pruning early in life of the plant should, however, be concentrated on forming a strong framework of primary branches.

UK Hardy and is a deciduous plant.

First introduced from a garden in Canton, China in in 1816.

Harmful if eaten. 

Supplied: plants grown in 10 litre Eco-loop bag pots on a 5ft bamboo cane.

About our Eco-loop bag pots: These taupe colour pots are made from recycled material, are carbon black free, meaning they can be recycled, and are oxo-biodegradable. It is important to distinguish between oxo-biodegrable, and oxo-degradable, simply put oxo-biodegradable (which these are) will leave no micro-plastics, they fully biodegrade. We would like our customers after planting your plants bought from us to either: Re-use the pots in your garden, Recycle - they can go into your kerbside recycle bin.

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