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Cherry Laurel Hedging Rotundifolia 10 & 15 litre pots 5+ft tall
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Cherry Laurel Hedging Rotundifolia 10 & 15 litre pots 5+ft tall

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Prunus laurocerasus Rotundifolia.  

is a vigorous, large, spreading evergreen shrub with handsome, glossy dark green leaves to 15cm in length. 

Small white flowers in erect racemes to 12cm in length are followed by cherry-like glossy red fruits soon turning black. 

Flowers: White in Spring.
Foliage: Dark Green. Evergreen.
Fruits: Black and Red in Autumn.

Suggested Plant Uses: Drought Resistant, Hedging / Screens or Low Maintenance.

Soil: Acid, Alkaline or Neutral. Moist but well-drained or well-drained. Chalk, Clay, Loam or Sand.

Aspect: All aspects. Exposed or Sheltered. 

Fruit may cause severe discomfort if ingested.

PLANTS SUPPLIED: Pot-grown in 10 litre black growers pots 130-150cm or 15 litre black growers pots 130-150cm tall plants excluding the pot. 

Please note: These are not field soil-grown plants but are fully compost pot-grown plants and are therefore light-weight in comparison to field root-balled plants.

*Pallet Hedging Plants Offer: Please note these are delivered on a wooden pallet by lorry. Please only order if there is suitable access to your property for a lorry. If you order and the driver discovers there is no access then the pallet will be delivered to your kerbside or as near to your property as the lorry can gain access to and you will be responsible for unloading the plants on to your property. If you require a different number than is not prelisted on our website, then do please contact us for your individual quote for the number you require. 


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