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Black Bamboo Plants.
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Black Bamboo Plants.

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Black Stemmed Bamboo. Prized as a highly ornamental species in China and Japan for centuries. Introduced into Europe in 1827 and is as popular now with gardeners as it was then.

Phyllostachys nigra is an elegant hardy evergreen clump-forming bamboo with arching canes, green at first becoming black with maturity, and narrow leaves upto 12cm in length.

Soil: Acid, Alkaline or Neutral. Moist but well-drained or well-drained.

Cultivation: Grow in fertile, humus-rich, moist but well-drained soil, in full sun or partial shade. Protect from cold drying winds.
In a container grow in a loam-based compost and feed with a balanced liquid or slow release fertiliser on a monthly basis during the growing season.

Aspect: West or South facing. Sheltered.

Suggested Plant Uses: Architectural, Hedging / Screening. 

Pruning: When the colour of the oldest canes fades, prune them out close to ground level and, after drying, you’re left with some free garden canes, also this will show off the black stems to best effect.

16*, 20* and 25* Bamboo Plants Offer: Please note these are delivered on a wooden Pallet* by a large lorry. If you order and the driver discovers on delivery there is no access to your property then the pallet will be delivered to your kerbside.


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