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Bisset Hedging Screening Bamboos
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Bisset Hedging Screening Bamboos

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Bisset Bamboo. Bisset Hedging Bamboos. 

Phyllostachys bissetii 

Maintains its dark emerald green appearance even in the harshest of winters. Dense and supple foliage. 

Since the bamboo is a medium grower, it forms a dense stand and for this reason it makes an excellent hedge. 

Soil: Acid, Alkaline or Neutral. Moist but well-drained or well-drained.
Aspect: Ideally West or South facing. A very hardy variety to -20oC when planted and will tolerate winds and ice.

Suggested Plant Uses: Architectural, Hedging & Screening, Japanese gardens, Exotic foliage effect.  

If you wish to grow it in a container, a minimum of a half-barrel size or 1m long Trough will be needed. Water and feed well during the summer months. 

Pruning: It can be pruned to your desired height at the end of July when the new stems have sprouted and uncurled it's new leaves. Prune just above a leaf-joint. Easily reaches 3 metres tall with no pruning. This variety can be made into a bamboo hedge and can be lightly trimmed with a hedge cutter.

Hedging / Screening: Recommended planting density 1 to 2 plants per metre of screen / hedge required. 

16*, 20* & 25 Bamboo Plants Offer: Please note these are delivered on a wooden Pallet* by a large lorry. If you order and the driver discovers on delivery there is no access to your property then the pallet will be delivered to your kerbside.

The Root-Pouch 15 Litre size are plants grown in a woven material that can be planted straight into the soil.  


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