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Hedging Bay Plants 4-5ft & 5-6ft tall plants in 10 & 15 Litre growers pots. Pallet Deals
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Hedging Bay Plants 4-5ft & 5-6ft tall plants in 10 & 15 Litre growers pots. Pallet Deals

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Laurus nobilis. Bay Trees.

Other common names: Bay laurel, Poet's laurel, Roman laurel, Royal bay, Sweet bay, True laurel, Victor's laurel

    Bay trees are evergreen with glossy dark green leaves, flowers small, pale greenish-yellow, in dense clusters; fruit oval, glossy black when ripe.
    The bay tree is an aromatic plant and the bay leaves can be plucked and freshly used for adding a depth of flavour to stews, sauces curries.
    Bay trees are very easy to maintain and have a very valued appearance all year round, in open ground or in a container.
    A good moisture -retentive, fertile soil is the best recipe, and clipping should be done in summer.
    Foliage may burn if exposed to winter dry winds, the plant will recover from in summer and the burnt leaves should be pulled / clipped out.
    If container growing, please make sure they do not dry out in the summer months.

    These Bay Hedging Trees are in 10 & 15 Litre black growers pots and are 4-5ft and 5-6ft tall and growing!

    *Pallet Hedging Plants Offer: Please note these are delivered on a wooden pallet by lorry. Please only order if there is suitable access to your property for a lorry. If you order and the driver discovers there is no access then the pallet will be delivered to your kerbside or as near to your property as the lorry can gain access to and you will be responsible for unloading the plants on to your property. If you require a different number than is not prelisted on our website, then do please contact us for your individual quote for the number you require. 

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