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Oriental Green-Blue Stem Bamboos
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Oriental Green-Blue Stem Bamboos

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Oriental Green-Blue Stem Bamboos. Phyllostachys glauca This hardy bamboo is native to the northern regions of China. As the sheath falls the new young canes have a bluish hue to them.

Green-blue canes and small delicate looking leaves and fully hardy. It makes an excellent specimen plant and is very hardy to -25oC when planted in the ground.

It is very robust in dealing well with sandy soil, salt laden air and to some extent, very wet locations providing it is not permanently waterlogged.

Easily reaches 4-5 metres tall with no pruning. In time, for example in the summer of the third year after planting the lower foliage and thin stems can be trimmed off to better show off the lovely stems. This in time encourages the plant to produce thicker stems. 

If you wish to grow it in a container, a minimum of a half-barrel size will be needed. Water and feed well during the summer months. 

Soil: Acid, Alkaline or Neutral. Moist but well-drained or well-drained. 

Aspect: West or South facing. Sheltered out of the wind.
Suggested Plant Uses Architectural, Hedging & Screening, Japanese gardens, Exotic foliage affect. 

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